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What is a cloud phone system?

A cloud phone system is a Voice over IP (VoIP) based business telephone platform that is hosted by a third-party provider such as OnSIP. Cloud phone systems typically offer advanced security and telephony features such as extension dialing, auto attendants, and conference bridges.

How does Cloud Phone System work?

Find out how Exotel’s Cloud Phone System works and how you can use it in this video

How Salesquared’s Cloud Phone System Works


Customer facing number

Using the Single Cloud phone number, it was easy to interact with the clients and customers for the easy way of the communication.

Get an Salesquared phone

Get a Salesquared Virtual number to the customer facing number, divert all the calls via Salesquared DID number


Customize the call flow in the dashboard

Customize the IVR flow for the customer, based on the requirement. To ensure a smooth experience for the lead.

Route calls to the right agents

Routes the calls to the agents in particular departments like sales, support, and accounts, etc. Based on the agent availability.


Why does your business need a cloud phone system?

Quick Setup

Setup the agents in a call flow of the Connector, then it will become a call center.

Remote Access

By Using the Salesquared Cloud Telephony service, only admin is used to access the web application and remaining agents or employees have connected the call in Remote in their departments.

Ease of use

Build a call flow, edit the customized greeting tone and message with the use of the Text to Speech feature

Cost Effective

Using the Salesquared cloud telephony service, it helps to reduce the cost of Hardware system.

Exhaustive Analytics

Salesquared helps to track and analysis the reports of the customers and the agents in a detailed way.

Cloud Phone System vs Traditional On-prem Phone Setup



For traditional PBX  system doesn’t show any reports to customers. Using the Salesquared cloud based system provides every report and information by the customers requirement, and it helps to improve the business of the customers.

Flexibility & Control

By Prem telephone, it consists lot of hardware system, Using Salesquared cloud telephony service it will handles the infinity number of calls using single virtual number. It was easy to configure the cloud telephony setup.


Initial Setup Cost

Start using the business with the Salesquared cloud telephony service, which requires an initial setup of less than 50% than the Wired Telephony service.

Time Required

Wired Telephony system was required lot of time to setup configuration. Using our Salesquared Cloud telephony serviced configure less time for the customer requirement.



Using the Wired telephony service, it will difficult to identity the downtime of service, Using the Salesquared cloud telephony service is easy to identify the issues of downtime in easy way.

Who should move to the cloud?

Take a tour of how businesses use Salesquared’s cloud telephony services




Cloud Telephony Features

Call Announcement

Greet your callers with custom announcements which you want your callers to listen anywhere in the Call Flow.

Multi-level IVR

You can configure multiple departments and sub-departments to server your business needs.

Call Recording

Every call gets recorded and available for auditing & training. Listen & download anytime.

Working Hours

Routes call to agents phones or voicemail based on time preference.

Custom Hold Tune

Play a customized corporate jingle or a pre-recorded voice to your callers while you keep them on Hold.


Block unwanted caller to prioritize important callers.

Call Forwarding

Make your customers talk to right Agent by forwarding calls to Mobile & Landline phones.

Auto Reply SMS

Send Auto reply SMS to the callers to automate the physical tasks. Ex. Contacts, Plans, Bill Details.

Call Flow

Design Call Flow yourself with just a few clicks and change it when ever you require.

Call Events & Alerts

Setup alerts on call events like Agent missing a call, wrong DTMF input, Etc,.

Call Log

Check the call log to see who called when for what. Access recorded voice and notes for every call.

Text to Speech

Use Text-to-Speech to give your Announcements more professional touch. T2S engine supports both English & Hindi.

Sticky Agent

Sticky Agent helps callers to reach the same Agent every time they ring the business phone.


Enable only selected callers to reach you by using Whitelisting. Also, design a separate IVR menu for premium customers.


Integrate with you favorite apps like Slack, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Zapier, Freshdesk and many more.


Frequently asked questions about prices

What is a cloud phone system?

Cloud communications are Internet-based voice and data communications where telecommunications applications, switching, and storage are hosted by a third-party outside of the organization using them, and they are accessed over the public Internet.

How much does it cost to migrate to the cloud from an on-prem telephony setup?

To find, how to move Salesquared cloud based service, take 7 days Free trail then migrate wired phone service to cloud based service.

How long does it take to migrate to a cloud phone system?

It was the quick process to setup the Salesquared cloud telephony service to route the calls to the particular agents in their departments

Which companies should use cloud phone systems?

Requirement of any business, Salesquared offers the cloud telephony service on their basis.

What are the benefits of a cloud phone system?

Salesquared cloud based service is easy to use, it will reduces the downtime of the server related issues, easy way of configuration, it routes the every call to particular agents without missed the lead source calls from customers.


Try Salesquared's Hosted Cloud phone system Free for 7 Days!

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Try Salesquared's Cloud phone system Free for 7 Days!

Sign up to get free 7 days Free Trial from India’s best Cloud phone system Service provider.



Why Salesquared??

Instant Setup

Activate the Cloud IVRS account in just a few minutes. No need to purchase hardware & SIP/ PRI Conn.

Robust Platform

The cloud-based, robust & automated solution in a single affordable package.

Affordable Plans

Flexible pricing available that includes on-demand, monthly, and yearly pricing for your business.

Integrated Solutions

Integrate IVRS with our other communication services like SMS, Missed Call & Call API’s

Easy Customisation

Easy to Customise for all verticles of Industries and business needs.

Easy of Use

Deploy with just a few clicks to grow and manage your business.

Multiple Operators

Equipped with multiple Operators and gateway infrastructure.

Highly Scalable

Our interface allows creating instant IVRS workflows using the web-based platform.

99.99% Uptime

Salesquared guarantees 99.99% SLA-backed uptime.

Real-Time Reporting

Track your logs, reports, dashboards in both web & mobile apps in real-time.




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