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Toll-free numbers are an easy, no-cost way of keeping in touch with your customers over the phone. Get a toll-free number for your enterprise today and let your customers call you for free.


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What is a toll free number?

A toll-free number is a phone number where the caller will not be charged for making a call to a business. Instead, the business with the toll-free number bears the responsibility for the call charges. Toll-free numbers usually have prefixes like 860, 855, 888, Etc. Companies use the toll-free number to improve their customer’s experience.

How Business Toll Free Service Work?

Toll-Free Number from SaleSquared

1. Get an 1800 Toll Free Number

Rent a toll-free number from SaleSquared. Try to choose a unique number so that your customers will have an easier time keeping it in their minds.

2. Customise the call flow in SaleSquared’s dashboard

Personalize your customer service experience by customizing the call flow and adding features like call routing and recording. For example, create an Announcement, add a voicemail option, set office timings, missed call SMS etc.


Publish Toll-Free Number

3. Publish the number and start getting calls

Once you have configured the call routing rules, you can proudly print your number to potential future customers on both your website and promotional material. After this, your customers can start calling you for free – you will bear the call charges, not your callers.

Find out more about how SaleSquared’s Toll-Free Service works and how you can use it in this video.

Advantages of using toll-free numbers

Better brand identity

A phone line with a toll-free number is a great way to make it easy for your customers and clients to connect with you. When used for customer service, a toll-free number delivers a positive relationship with customers and transforms your brand.

Better brand identity

Enhanced CX

Customers can reach your business free of cost by providing an 1800 business toll-free number. It saves time and effort, but an IVR makes for a better customer experience. Ultimately, this breeds loyalty. As a result, they’ll be more likely to stay with your business.

Enhanced CX

Measurable marketing

Studies have shown that those who advertise toll-free numbers on billboards and TV tend to get the most attention. Given that calls to a toll-free number don’t cost your prospects anything, you’ll be able to get a greater number of prospects to get more customers.

Measurable marketing

Improved Sales

Studies have shown that those who advertise toll-free numbers on billboards and TV tend to get the most attention. Given that calls to a toll-free number don’t cost your prospects anything, you’ll be able to get a more significant number of deals.

Improved Sales

Enhanced Cloud Communication Abilities

Our toll-free phone service includes in-depth call tracking thanks to our Cloud Telephony suite. For instance, you’ll be able to see the productivity of agents like call recordings, unlimited parallel calls, and mobile apps.

Enhanced Cloud Communication Abilities

Easy call

tracking and


Improve the service using a Toll-free number, and track the call and its recordings.

toll free number service

How to get a toll-free number in India?

1. Sign up for a free trial

Sign up for SaleSquared’s toll-free service, and our Onboarding manager will contact you to discuss your Usecase.

1. Sign up for a free trial

2. Set up Call flow

With SaleSquared’s cloud telephony suite, your customers will have a fantastic calling experience. Get IVR, call recording, CRM integration, call tracking, call recording and analytics, etc.

2. Set up Call flow

3. Smart cloud communication service

Utilize SaleSquared’s cloud telephony suite to create a seamless calling experience for your customers. Get IVR, call recording, CRM integration, call tracking and analytics, and more.

3. Smart cloud communication service

1800 Number Features (with cloud telephony suite):

Here are a few features which make toll-free numbers different:

Call tracking

Track and monitor every call received by a toll-free number. Call alerts will always keep you updated about your business communication.

Call tracking

Simple IVR

Reach the support team within seconds or have them reach you by calling your toll-free number.

Simple IVR

Unlimited channels

You can make and receive unlimited calls parallelly on the same virtual number.

Unlimited channels

Detailed reporting

We have a fantastic reporting mechanism which allows you to create custom, detailed reports to analyze your account’s performance.

Detailed reporting

Call recording

Track and monitor all calls you receive and map out your potential clients.

Call recording

CRM integration

Integrating our easy-to-use APIs with your CRM should be quick and easy.

CRM integration

Who can use Toll-Free Numbers?


Streamline appointment bookings or emergency services such as an ambulance.


Financial Institutions

Promote the latest offers and discount plans of BFSI, and make customer support more accessible.

Financial Institutions


Give parents information they want, like tracking application status and other programs.



Using toll-free numbers to do short educational courses or support a cause.



Get high engagement for a contest or a show using a toll-free number poll.


How businesses use our toll free service?

Take a peek at how businesses can touch lives daily with SaleSquared’s 1800 number.

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What our customers say

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Why Salesquared??

Instant Setup

Activate the Cloud IVRS account in just a few minutes. No need to purchase hardware & SIP/ PRI Conn.

Robust Platform

The cloud-based, robust & automated solution in a single affordable package.

Affordable Plans

Flexible pricing available that includes on-demand, monthly, and yearly pricing for your business.

Integrated Solutions

Integrate IVRS with our other communication services like SMS, Missed Call & Call API’s

Easy Customisation

Easy to Customise for all verticles of Industries and business needs.

Easy of Use

Deploy with just a few clicks to grow and manage your business.

Multiple Operators

Equipped with multiple Operators and gateway infrastructure.

Highly Scalable

Our interface allows creating instant IVRS workflows using the web-based platform.

99.99% Uptime

Salesquared guarantees 99.99% SLA-backed uptime.

Real-Time Reporting

Track your logs, reports, dashboards in both web & mobile apps in real-time.


Frequently asked questions about prices

What are toll free numbers?

A toll-free number in India is often an 1800 phone number that anybody across the country can dial. The person dialling the toll-free number doesn’t get charged. This means toll-free callers can call as much as they want without paying anything. It’s also a fantastic way for businesses to improve their customer experience.

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How can businesses in India benefit from toll free numbers?

Since calling a toll free number is free of charge for your prospects and customers, your business will be benefitted in the following ways:
1. Increased brand awareness
2. Enhanced customer experience
3. Ability to track calls and marketing ROI
4. Better lead generation

How is a toll free number from Salesquared different from other companies?

With the usage of Salesquared Toll-free number Service:

  1. Premium Service
  2. Customisable reporting
  3. 24*7 Support
  4. Intutive UI
  5. 99.6% Uptime

How to get a toll free number in India?

To get a toll-free number for your business, sign up on our web page, and we’ll assign you an onboarding manager who will help set up your IVR Call Flow.

What are the costs involved for a toll free number?

The cost of the toll-free number service depends upon your estimated monthly usage, i.e. your estimated call volumes per month and the total number of agents.

To get effective prices and volume-based discounts, contact our sales team.

Find out how SaleSquared can work for you. Set up a call with an expert.

Our Salesquared team will guide you to setup the Service Configuration of Customers Requirement