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SaleSquared offers robust features and reliable service at an affordable price.

  • Multi-level-IVR-1

    Multi-level IVR

    You can set up personalized automated voice menus to route calls to the relevant team/agent quickly and easily.

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  • Call-Recordings

    Call Recordings

    Every call gets recorded and is available for auditing & training. Listen & download anytime.

  • Automatic-Call-Distribution

    Automatic Call Distribution

    Distribute your business calls based on business hours, a selected list, technical support level, IVR input, sticky agent and more.

  • Send-SMS-With-Company-Brand-Name

    Send SMS With Company/Brand Name

    Branded sms helps you reach out to your customers, engage with them, and build customer loyalty.

  • High-delivery-rates

    High delivery rates

    SaleSquared guarantee your SMS will be delivered with redundant sms gateway routes.

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  • Conference-Calling

    Conferencing in 30 seconds

    Easily create an audio conference by downloading the app, creating groups and importing your contacts.

  • Connect-with-Landlines

    Landlines & Mobile Phones

    Start call conferencing with mobile and landline participants with crystal clear audio quality.

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  • Quick-Verify

    Quick Verify

    Our platform delivers up to 99.94% uptime – this includes operator uptimes.

  • Voice-Failover

    Voice Failover

    Adding Voice failover can push delivery rates close to 100 per cent.

  • Global-Coverage

    Global Coverage

    Deliver 2FA OTPs to 800 networks & 190 countries across the globe with the best delivery rates and speed.

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  • Disposable-Email-Checker

    Disposable Email Checker

    Find out whether an email address is of a disposable email provider or not, such as Mailinator & Guerrilla Mail.

  • Anti-greylisting-Technology

    Anti-greylisting Technology

    Simulates a well-configured email engine to reduce the number of unknowns.

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  • Add-to-Leads-Directly

    Add to Leads Directly

    Add the Leads to CRM directly from the Call disposition. Track Conversions.

  • Telecaller-Management

    Telecaller Management

    Track Telecallers call log & reports from the Admin app.

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  • Auto-Reply-SMS

    Auto Reply SMS

    Setup & configure auto-reply SMS, Email & Webhook.

  • Webhook-Integration

    Webhook Integration

    Integrate with your custom-built application using webhook and APIs.

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  • Brand-Links

    Brand Links

    Improve your brand visibility and trust by placing your brand name on every link you share.

  • Track


    Understand the reach of social media, email marketing, Ads & SEO through click stats.

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