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What is a virtual receptionist?

Virtual Receptionist is a smart IVR system which helps connect customers to the right department automatically. It

answers to the needs of the customer 24*7, without human intervention. Using the virtual receptionist service, you’ll

be also able to track & monitor customer calls to provide a superior customer experience & increase brand loyalty.

Advantages of a virtual receptionist service

Better customer experience

All Calls are Answered after Business hours. The Customer gets better experience every time

Decreased costs

Virtual receptionist can replace your human receptionist. This saves manpower training and operational costs.

CRM integration

Virtual receptionist can be integrated with your CRM, which means that all the customer calls, information, query is stored and can be accessed at will.

Customer engagement

Since the virtual receptionist routes call to all the departments, customer engagement analysis can be tracked across departments.

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Features of a phone answering service

IVR Greeting

Using IVR you can play a welcome greeting as soon as the call connects. Inform them of the average call waiting time and other useful information.

Call recording

Monitor and record all the customer calls. This will help you in improving customer experience, training agents, and more.


You can easily access the weekly call reports & live analytics to make better business decisions.

Call distribution

Calls get distributed across agents depending on the pre-set distribution conditions. The distribution can be sequentially, randomly or according to a priority.


What our customers say

Jersey Dairy Logo

Try Salesquared's Virtual Receptionist Free for 7 Days!

Sign up to get free 7 days Free Trial from India’s best IVR Service provider.

Why Salesquared??

Instant Setup

Activate the Cloud IVRS account in just a few minutes. No need to purchase hardware & SIP/ PRI Conn.

Robust Platform

The cloud-based, robust & automated solution in a single affordable package.

Affordable Plans

Flexible pricing available that includes on-demand, monthly, and yearly pricing for your business.

Integrated Solutions

Integrate IVRS with our other communication services like SMS, Missed Call & Call API’s

Easy Customisation

Easy to Customise for all verticles of Industries and business needs.

Easy of Use

Deploy with just a few clicks to grow and manage your business.

Multiple Operators

Equipped with multiple Operators and gateway infrastructure.

Highly Scalable

Our interface allows creating instant IVRS workflows using the web-based platform.

99.99% Uptime

Salesquared guarantees 99.99% SLA-backed uptime.

Real-Time Reporting

Track your logs, reports, dashboards in both web & mobile apps in real-time.

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Frequently asked questions about prices

What is IVRS?

Interactive voice response system (IVRS) is an automated bot that answers your phone call, asks you the questions based on your enquires and you respond to it using your keypad (DTMF).

What are the advantages of Hosted IVR Service?

The advantages are many. Keep a mail to sales [at] for one-on-one sessions to understand and build a customed IVRS for your business.

How owns the data?

It should be you. You’ll have option to get entire data in different formats like csv, xls and text. After 6 months of your service termination we’ll delete your data from our servers.

What kind of response times can I expect?

As we are a startup, we strive to impress our customers. We are there in Intercom, a chat widget available on website, web application, and android & ios apps. We will answer and solve all your problems anytime.

How Long is Cloud Telephony Services Contract For?

We have different plans based on the client requirement. If the plans above don’t fit your requirement just keep a mail to helpdesk [at] for custom plans.

How can I integrate IVRS with my custom software application?

Yes. You can integrate IVRS using APIs. Keep a mail to helpdesk [at] to get the manual & kit.

Are you the best Hosted IVR Service provider in India?

Yes. We are one of the companies that have been providing excellent service. You can check out the feedback on our company at Trustpilot.

How many types of IVR's are there?

IVRS is of two types. First, Single Level IVR, it directly connects to an agent or calls an API on a DTMF input. Second, Multi-Level IVR redirects the caller based on language, then branch, then department.

What does having Hosted IVRS cost?

IVR Service plans start from Rs.699/-. Based on the features and functionality and quantity of the calls, the plans differ. Check the above plans table.

What if we already have an IVRS with another Vendor?

No problem! First, redirect your landing number to the IVRS number we will share. Then, our support engineers will migrate your legacy data from the old vendor to your Salesquared account. Done!

How does a yearly rate billing save me money?

Yearly plans are upto 40% cheaper than the monthly plans. We believe in long term commitments.

What types of IVRS features do you offer?

We have a bundle of features which you will benefit in your day to day business operations. All the features are listed above. Also, check out our Case Studies page on how Organizations have got benefited from Salesquared’s IVR Service.

Do you have Android & iOS App?

Yes. We have Android & iOS Apps availabe in both Playstore & App Store.

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