Send SMS right from your Bitrix24 CRM

SaleSquared SMS App is free and available for all Bitrix24 subscribers. Our SMS plugin enables your team to offer a smooth, hassle-free customer service experience. Connect your Bitrix24 Users and clients seamlessly by providing SMS, Call and Whatsapp integrations.

Send SMS messages from Bitrix24 using SaleSquared SMS as your provider. The SaleSquared SMS app allows you to notify your clients via SMS automatically. The app enables your sales team to send personalised SMS to your clients from the CRM. Improve your marketing automation with direct messaging through actions and CRM rules.

Integrate for smoother conversations. Send:

      SMS from Leads, Deals, Companies

  • Trigger SMS manually from CRM
  • Use the SMS-enabled sales centre
  • Include automatic SMS via workflows
  • Keep an SMS history for your sent messages directly in your CRM

      SMS from Campaigns

  • Launch marketing campaigns with text messages
  • Supports Unicode and Normal SMS
  • Text worldwide
  • Topnotch Service with 24/7 support

      SMS from Automation Rules

  • Send SMS using CRM automation rules
  • Instant Delivery Reports
  • Smart SMS: Send files & Images
  • Send smart links in SMS


You may also drop a mail and contact to
support for further assistance.



All that your communication needs

Enterprise-grade software

A reliable CRM and a robust cloud phone system is your winning combination.

  Plan customer engagements to marketing campaigns

  Connect via various mediums-broadcast messages, emails, calls

  User-friendly CRM as a central command post

Simplified lead management

Enhance productivity and improve conversions with smarter lead management.

  Link customisable web forms to never miss a lead

  Use automatic lead distribution for optimised call flow

  Differentiate new and existing leads with call pop-ups

Engaging customer service

Stand apart with a modern toolkit for a refreshed customer service experience

  Analyse feedback on products and services with IVR

  Add notes on each call for hyper-personalised service

  Easily access information and deliver quick resolutions

A Unified Communication Platform with SMS, Calls, Call Conference & Whatsapp. Try Now.




Resource library

Learn how to make the most of your business communication system.

Get started now and never look back.

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