IVR Service Features

Get powerful IVR Service / Cloud Telephony features and unbeatable reliability at an affordable price to streamline your business communications and improve productivity.. Enjoy easy setup and simple usage at a low cost.

IVR Service Provider Features

IVR as a Service (IVRS) features for your business needs.


HD PSTN Phone Service

PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. We use traditional phone lines to call from the phone and computer system.

SaleSquared offers a high-definition PSTN phone service specifically designed for businesses.

SaleSquared PSTN phone service offers many communication features to give customers multiple ways to communicate with your business.

SaleSquared App

Turn your mobile device into a virtual office.

The SaleSquared App prioritizes relationships for your business, even on the go.

With an internet connection, you can keep conversations going with customers, employees, and partners from anywhere in the world.

Unlimited Calling in India

Stop worrying about per-minute charges or calling limits and start making the most of your time without any wastage.

Make staying in touch with customers a high priority to earn their trust.

Communicate with your customers in India and build strong relationships through continuous calls.

Business Text Messaging

Send business text messages and receive text messages via the SaleSquared.

Effortlessly manage your team and projects from anywhere to ensure uninterrupted customer experience.

Three-way calling

Easily add a third-party or additional phone number to your live business calls with SaleSquared’s three-way call feature.

Integrated Web Conferencing

Quickly move a PSTN call into a video call using the web conferencing feature.

Call Announcement

Greet your callers with custom announcements that you want your callers to listen to anywhere in the Call Flow. Upload pre-recorded audio or use the text-to-speech engine to quickly create audio.

AI Text to Speech

Quickly convert text to human-like speech for customizing call announcement scripts.

Keep Your Existing Business Number

When you switch to SaleSquared, you do not have to lose your existing business number.

SaleSquared will ask you to forward calls of your existing business phone number to the SaleSquared’s Virtual Number (VN).

Keep your current phone number to stay connected with customers.

Local Business Phone Number

Want to switch to a local business number? We’ll find you one without any extra charges so you can connect with customers easily with SaleSquared’s local number.

Toll-Free Number

Let your Customers call your business for free, provide them with a toll-free number.

Allow customers to quickly speak with a human for their inquiries.

Extension Dialing Number Change

Enable your customers to dial the Agents by using the extension numbering scheme for each location.

The Extension Dialing Number feature allows customers to directly contact employees at your business using their extension number, which reduces hold times and customer frustration.

Auto Attendant

Advanced Call Management

Ensure efficient and seamless routing of inbound calls to the intended Agent on the first attempt.

Deliver top-notch IVR functionality and quality for every customer phone call.

Advanced Call Routing

Call Analytics

Do Not Disturb Mode


While attending to other customers, you can miss calls, but you should still seize opportunities.
You can ask callers to leave a voicemail, ensuring you get all important follow-ups.
Listening to customer voicemails and returning their calls demonstrates that their satisfaction is vital to your business.

Voicemail Greetings

Voicemail Forwarding

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Text

VoIP Caller ID

Call Screening

Call Recording & Rating

Call Park

Call Forwarding

Three-Way Calling

Conference Bridge

Call Queuing

Call Presence

Call Pulling

Call Transfer

Call Notify

Anonymous Call Rejection

Push to Talk

Priority Alerts

Custom Ringback

Custom Music on Hold

VoIP Switchboard

Hosting PBX Phone System

SIP Trunking

VoIP Desk Phones

Conversational AI

Start growing your business with an IVR calling solution.

Powerful IVR features to deliver better customer experiences.

To have a good workplace experience, it's essential to have business communication tools that let you communicate with others easily, be productive, and do your work wherever you need to. Our cloud phone system can help you make your customers happy by giving you unique ways to talk to them. In addition, our SaleSquared tools can help you do your job well and make your customers happy!

Your customers deserve it.


An IVR as a service office phone system
with all the features you
need plus 99.999% uptime.


3 points of presence are located in strategic locations across entire India.


Our carrier-grade data centers provide 99.999% uptime


Our data centers are also SSAE 16 certified and SOC II audited

Experience powerful IVR solution features.
Turbocharge your entire business.