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SaleSquared is the #1 National BulkSMS Alternative

Discover why numerous companies rely on SaleSquared’s call management app to revolutionize and simplify business communications. If you’re searching for an alternative to National BulkSMS, you need not look beyond SaleSquared. Our services feature transparent pricing, superior call quality, increased uptime, and a responsive support team that remains accessible at all times.

National BulkSMS Alternative

SaleSquared is the best National BulkSMS Competitor!

SaleSquared’s messaging and voice APIs let organizations programmatically send A2P SMS and receive text messages, make voice calls, browser and app-based calling, and voice OTP. Try the National BulkSMS alternative for 3 days!

  • IVR-Cloud-Telphony

    IVR & Cloud Telephony

    Manage your company’s incoming phone calls while keeping your staff connected. Build efficient call routing menus to direct calls intelligently.

  • Telecalling


    Start an outbound call centre and make calls directly from the app. Create campaigns, and allocate them to remote teams.

  • Conference-Call

    Conference Calling

    Connect multiple phone numbers on a single call. Use Dial-in and Dial-out call conferences to enable your team to participate in a conference call.

  • SMS-Marketing

    SMS Marketing

    Engage with customers and prospects over SMS incorporated with short links. Send text announcements, notifications, and OTPs to mobile phones.

  • Surveys-1


    Run voice and sms surveys to get customer opinions and feedback. Receive real-time insights to understand your customers better.

  • App-to-App-Calling-2

    App-to App Calling

    Enable users to make voice or video calls directly from a mobile /web app. Make and receive business calls in your home or office.

  • Call-Recording-Tracking

    Call Recording & Tracking

    Record every call and use it for audit & training. Listen & download anytime.

  • Authorize-with-OTPs

    Authorize with OTPs

    Send secured one-time passwords via SMS and Call. Verify a user/transaction by calling and sending a text to mobile phones.

  • Include-Short-Url

    Include Short Url

    Send an SMS with short links to calculate the effectiveness of the campaign.

Alternative to National BulkSMS - Competitor Comparison!

See how we compare side by side – Alternative to National BulkSMS!


salesquared-logo-web National Bulksms
Capterra Rating Reviews4.5 Reviews4.2
Marketing – Segments & Broadcasting
Pricing Starts at ₹999/mo
Starts at ₹5000/mo
Trial Period
3 days
3 days
Sticky agent feature in all plans
Unlimited Channels
APIs in all plans
Sales CRM
Whatsapp & Telegram Integration
App-to-app calls, app-to-PSTN calls, or PSTN-to-app calls
Parallel Ringing
Full Fledged Voice API Set
Extensive Developer Support
Max number of callers in queue
Unlimited Capped at 20
Call Queueing
Available in ALL plans Only available in the Prime plan
Live Call Transfer
Multi-level IVR
Dialers – progressive, predictive, preview, and manual agent-initiated calls.

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Are you looking for a National BulkSMS alternative?

See the SaleSquared difference

  • Our messaging & voice-calling application works in over 190 countries, enabling you to stay connected no matter where you are.
  • The Enterprise-ready Premium Communication Network offers unbeatable stability, with an impressive uptime of nearly 100%.
  • Get your integrations up and running with the help of a dedicated solutions architect who will provide a superior onboarding experience.
  • We offer top-tier support services featuring email, chat, and phone support.
  • We offer highly competitive discounts and flexible pricing options based on the volume of your purchase.
  • Option to pay in INR & USD
  • We offer direct network connections with telcos worldwide, eliminating the need for aggregators.
  • Get immediate access to various phone numbers, including local, national, mobile, virtual numbers, toll-free numbers, virtual mobile numbers, and long code numbers for both voice calling and messaging applications.

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Ready for an National BulkSMS alternative?

Visual drag-drop dashboard

No need to wait for developers to code your call flow. Simply drag and drop applets to build it yourself.

IVR Call Flow Editor

IVR Call Tracking

Easy call tracking and analytics

Utilize call recordings, accessible in your inbox, to listen to customer feedback and improve your product or service.

IVR Admin Dashboard

Mangers can have a glimpse of the overall performance of the call centre team.


Why Salesquared??

Instant Setup

Activate any service in just few minutes. No need to purchase hardware & pay SIP/ PRI monthly bills.

Highly Scalable

The cloud platform supports customers requirements and is scalable to greater demands.

Affordable Plans

Flexible pricing available that includes on-demand and volume-based pricing for your business.

Integrated Services

Integrate Call API’s with our other communication services like Bulk SMS, &  IVRS.

Real-Time Reporting

Track your logs, reports, dashboards in both web & mobile apps in real-time.

Easy of Use

Deploy with just a few clicks to grow and manage your business.

Multiple Operators

Equipped with multiple operators and gateway infrastructure.

Robust Platform

The cloud-based, robust & automated solution in an affordable package.

99.99% Uptime

Salesquared guarantees 99.99% SLA-backed uptime.

Easy Customisation

Easy to Customise for all verticles of Industries and business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about National BulkSMS Alternative

Do you match National BulkSMS's pricing?

Yes. We match their pricing, and we feel we offer competitive pricing.

Does SaleSquared provide all the features offered by National BulkSMS?

Yes. We have all the features offered by National BulkSMS and additional IVR features that benefit your business communication.

To what extent are SaleSquared's APIs flexible and dependable?

A significant benefit of a cloud-based uCaaS solution is its ability to integrate seamlessly with other systems and services. SaleSquared’s APIs are fast, straightforward, and extensively tested, enabling your developers to rapidly integrate communication features into your current software applications.

In addition, SaleSquared boasts a consistent 99.99% uptime record, with our SLA (Service Level Agreement) guaranteeing 99.95% availability for our APIs in any given calendar month, ensuring reliability.

What is the speed of SaleSquared in detecting and safeguarding me from outages?

Service interruptions are a common challenge in the telecommunications industry. However, any disruption in your business communication can also be detrimental to our business. As a result, SaleSquared has implemented many backup lines to safeguard against such issues and protect your business.

We closely monitor all critical incidents around the clock and quickly report them via email to ensure prompt resolution.

What security practices and compliance standards does SaleSquared adhere to?

To safeguard your data in transit, SaleSquared utilizes enterprise-grade AWS data centres and employs TLS 1.2 encryption standards. Our commitment to protecting your business data is evident in our recent certification.

What are the local charges for sending messages to India?

In India, customers can be charged local pricing for sending messages but first need to go through DLT registration (Sender ID). If you send messages using a generic Sender ID, you will be charged international pricing.

Can you help with DLT registration for sending SMSs in India?

Yes. We help you to get the DLT registration for your organization. Reach out to our sales team via phone call or SMS.

Why do companies migrate to SaleSquared's cloud telephony service?

There are several reasons why companies choose to migrate to SaleSquared. Some common reasons include unsatisfactory service quality, higher costs, lack of features, or limited scalability.

What are some of the benefits of cloud telephony migration?

By migrating to SaleSquared’s IVR service, companies can benefit from improved service quality, better scalability, more features, and cost savings. Additionally, we offer better integration with other business tools and systems, improving efficiency and productivity.

To what extent is SaleSquared's platform scalable?

SaleSquared enables over 10 million conversations monthly for over 1,200 organizations worldwide. As a result, whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, you can rest assured that scaling or operational consistency from our end will never be a concern.

To what degree is SaleSquared's disaster management strategy effective?

IT Disaster Recovery Planning refers to the preparation for the recovery of essential IT systems and services in a contingency scenario after a disaster. At SaleSquared, we perform regular backups with high redundancy for all of our clients, including customer information, call and SMS logs, recordings, and other vital data.

To what extent are SaleSquared's services transparent?

SaleSquared is the only company that prioritizes complete transparency in pricing and services. We provide full visibility of our plans and pricing on our website. Additionally, we are the only company in the industry to disclose the status of our services publicly, ensuring transparency for our clients.

Do I need to register for a Sender ID?

In India, Sender ID registration is recommended but not mandatory. Messages will be delivered with a generic sender ID, such as “SMS” or “INFO,” if no custom sender ID is pre-registered.

What number types are available in India?

In India, SaleSquared offers mobile, fixed, virtual, and toll-free numbers.

What is DLT Registration?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has mandated all entities that want to send SMS to register their organizations, headers, and templates, along with required consent information, on distributed ledger technology (DLT) platforms to curb unsolicited commercial communication (UCC).

How can we ensure a smooth migration process?

SaleSquared’s onboarding team works closely with the organizations to ensure a smooth migration process. They provide a comprehensive migration plan, including timelines, milestones, and clear communication channels. Organizations should also thoroughly test the new system before fully transitioning to ensure that everything is working as expected.

How long does the migration process usually take?

The duration of the migration process can vary depending on the size of the organization and the complexity of the data being transferred. However, a typical migration can take a few days to a week.

How can we ensure that our employees are properly trained on the SaleSquared cloud telephony system?

SaleSquared ensures your employees are properly trained on SaleSquared’s cloud telephony system. We provide dedicated onboarding, comprehensive training and resources. This may include training sessions, user manuals, and online resources. The designated onboarding manager or team will handle the employee questions and provide ongoing support.

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