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2E Knowledge Ventures
Education Industry
Mechanical & Solar Training
2E Knowledge Ventures uses Salesquared for

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As a manager of Mechanical & Solar Training at 2E Knowledge Ventures, Padma’s task was to schedule & organize training sessions, across India.

“Our aim was that every trainee who reaches out to 2E Knowledge Ventures has o acquire the minimum acceptable standard of mechanical skills, knowledge, and capability, and be able to apply that to their day job and have an impact on their clients.”

But not only does 2E Knowledge Ventures have a large workforce, but it is also spread all over India. Miss Padma is an Operations Manager at 2E Knowledge Ventures. For her, it was clear that their Organization needed a cloud-based communication solution.

“2E Knowledge Ventures is an organization that gets huge requests for information about training sessions. In order to reach all of the trainees within the different segments, what better way to do it than having one channel where trainees can call the concerned trainers and book their training slot? And it will be an easy way to get the training.”


2E Knowledge Ventures approached us in 2019. We realized early on that 2E Knowledge Ventures is a company that wants to have a communication platform to answer the trainee’s inquiries and call them back with class schedules if they are planned. They didn’t just want inbound call solutions, they also wanted to dispatch voice calls containing information to the trainees.

“I had the greatest degree of confidence in the SaleSquared, both in terms of quality of service and their global standards, which we could apply across all of our branches,” stated the Padma.

To get 2E Knowledge Ventures started, we began by carefully planning their call routing structure that was ideal to 2E Knowledge Ventures. They then agreed on a user license that gave 2E Knowledge Ventures staff access to SaleSquared’s mobile app. Their staff was trained to make & receive calls from their Android /iOS Phones, check call logs & access call recordings. They started off using SaleSquared with SMS services, sending around 10,000 SMS per month. Impressed with the high delivery rates, they moved on call campaigns.


At the early phase of adoption, 2E Knowledge Ventures realized the learning curve is not steep. They found it easy, quick to set up, and use. How does this help their customers? Well, now there is no need for customers to maintain multiple phones.

Once the call is received, customers (trainees, in this case) use SaleSquared to manage their incoming and outgoing calls, send training batch reminders and information.

For instance, by adopting cloud telephony, any organization will be able to easily identify callers from the incoming phone number and ask them if they want to speak with trainers or consult about a new training course. They can then send an SMS to confirm the training session and follow up with a reminder SMS close to the date. This will reduce trainee no-shows by 50%. After the training, they can request feedback from the patient using automated calls or SMS.


“With the Salesquared team managing our communication platform, we keeping are able to manage our business process more efficiently. “

Manager - 2E Knowledge Ventures