The Tribal Welfare department looks after the welfare and problems of tribals relating to Health, Education, and water supply; easier communications of the tribals are quite different from those relating to SCs. Tribal Welfare Department is committed to the overall socio-economic development of scheduled tribes in the State through the formulation of policies and programs duly implementing the constitutional safeguards.

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ITDA Paderu Simplyfied Training with SaleSquared


The Project Officer at ITDA has multiple tasks and milestones to achieve. Out of it, one important task is to improve the quality of tribal children’s education, across the region.

But not only does ITDA have a large workforce of teachers, but it is also spread all over AP. The ITDA department needed a communication solution to broadcast teaching material over phones.

“ITDA is a government organization with many teachers who teach children from Primary to the tenth standard in tribal areas. To train all of the teachers distributed in different tribal regions, what better way than having one broadcasting channel where they can get training material delivered over a phone call? And it will be an easy way to get the training.”


ITDA approached us in 2019. We realized early on that ITDA wants a communication platform to reach the teachers over the phone and deliver audio training material.

“Salesquared responded quickly, and they were accurate in understanding our problem. They made the developments I asked for right away. I’m very happy with this service, and it was a pleasure associating with them.” stated the Officer.

To get ITDA started, we established a broadcasting channel, created multiple groups and assigned virtual numbers. The staff at headquarters started uploading audio files & teachers’ mobile numbers. They were trained to create broadcast campaigns from their mobile phones and to check call logs.


ITDA staff realized it was easy & quick to set up and use. How does this help their teachers? Well, they are being trained over the phone on every topic they would teach the children the next day.

Multiple campaigns were initiated early in the morning for all the teachers. Once the teacher answers the call, the audio file gets played over the phone.

By adopting cloud voice broadcasting, any organization can reach lakhs of users over the phone. They also receive an SMS a day before, stating details about the training topic and time. It helped teachers get complete information about the topic and made teachers across the ITDA teach similarly.

Project Officer

“With the Salesquared’s knowledge broadcasting platform, we are able to teach and upskill children  in tribal areas.”

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