Navata Road Transport, established in 1982, is among India’s top road transport service providers. They offer a wide array of logistics solutions spanning across India. Navata spreads across 668 branches in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Pondicherry, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

They knew that personalized communication was necessary for each customer, along with details of courier information. For example, customers needed complete details of the courier and delivery times confirmation on freight shipping. We also noticed that Navata Road Transport wanted a unique link for each delivery. Navata Road Transport wished to ensure that most customers could swiftly receive the communication in all these cases.

Navata Road Transport
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Navata Road Transport uses SaleSquared for

Navata Road Transport dramatically improved customer operational efficiency and response time after integration with SaleSquared.


Navata Road Transport needed to swiftly deliver complete freight information across high SMS volumes to achieve its aims. In addition, they are required to facilitate a unique Short URL for every delivery smoothly — which helps their customers access Navata’s shipment tracking page with a single click.


Decreasing 60% of inbound calls while staying focused on customer experience

SaleSquared helped Navata Road Transport move its communication channel to a feature-packed Smart SMS Service. With the help of smart routing, an auto-retry mechanism, and SMS plugins, Navata created an optimum solution. 

  • The new smart sms channel gave customers status updates and let them access the freight information & delivery updates without any agent intervention.

Increasing delivery ratio up to 95% 

SaleSquared’s SMS Gateway is equipped with redundant gateways, which helps prompt SMS delivery despite the delivery issue at any operator. In addition, the sms delivery algorithm in the backend automatically switches the gateways to deliver SMS on the fastest route. 

Delivering Full Freight Information

SaleSquared’s innovative short link management platform enabled Navata Road Transport to brand, track and share Short links to measure SMS delivery and get customer insights.


  • Archived up to 95% SMS delivery.
  • 4X Lesser customer Wait Times.
  • 3.5X Lesser Costs per Customer.
  • 40% Better operational efficiency.
  • Customer insights with Link tracking.

“With the Salesquared team managing our communication platform, we can manage our business process more efficiently. “

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