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How to Make Your Employee Work from Home (WFH) Ready?

COVID19 impacted businesses all over the world. Business owners are facing a tough time not to keep themselves floating on the business line but to empower their employees to work on the schedule timeline.

One of the biggest challenges they would face is resource pooling, an office would contain all the necessary tools the employees require. But with the never-ending lockdown across the globe, the management has to provide tools that would enable the employees to work in full throttle.

We have listed a few best work from home tools that help you to push your employees to increased productivity. 

1. Project Management

If you belong to an IT/ITES industry, you might already have a task management system. If you don’t have one, this is the right time to choose the right project management software like bitrix2, Asana, or Jira. Almost all of them provide a free trial, try them, and use one which meets your requirements. 

2. Cloud Telephony

A phone system is a lifeline to any business. With the employees distributed across the country working from home, a cloud telephone system is a must-have tool among the list. 

“SaleSquared offers industry class hosted IVR service with inbuild CRM. It has 23 apps which automates call flow. 

Cloud telephony or IVR service enables your employee to receive or make calls from their existing smartphones using virtual numbers

Few of the features are:

  1. Routing right calls to right agents
  2. Having a dedicated multi-lingual virtual receptionist 24×7
  3. Recording customer engagement and call recordings
  4. Automating your business process by integrating the phone with custom applications
  5. A voice mailbox for calls received in non-business hours and holidays. 
  6. A Click-to-call button inside CRM to dial the customer instantly.

3. Virtual Meetings

Zoom is a widely used online video meeting software across many industries. After the security issue fix, there is a steep increase in the usage of the Zoom app with its wide availability across multiple mobile and web platforms.

4. Remote Monitoring

A time doctor is one good tool that monitors the remote activity of your employees. It supports all operating systems, gives accurate work timings with productivity percentage.

5. CRM

If you have sales teams working remotely, a CRM is a life savior. Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Vtiger are the most used of CRM’s worldwide. 

These tools help your employees plan, schedule, and deliver the work without hassle. Adjusting to remote working after COVID-19 may take some time, but the online tools bring collaboration across their teams and make them stay organized. 

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