DLT RegistrationProcess
DLT Process

DLT Registration Process

Step 1: Signup on DLT Platform
As per TRAI norms, if you wish to send A2P SMS to Indian Numbers, you have to obtain a DLT number. Signup on any DLT Platform (any Telecom Operators) by submitting all required documents.

Step 2: Apply for Header (SENDER ID)
After successfully registering your business on DLT Platform, add your HEADER, i.e. SENDER-ID

Step 3: Add for Header (SENDER ID) & PE ID in SaleSquared Platform
Add your approved HEADER & PE ID in your SaleSquared account

Step 4: Apply for SMS Content Template on DLT Platform
Add your desired SMS Templates on DLT Platform and get it approved by following the mentioned instructions

Step 5: Add SMS Content Template on SaleSquared
Once your templates are approved on DLT Platform add them to your SaleSquared account to start sending SMS.

Email: helpdesk@salesquared.io for help.

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