What is Cloud Telephony Service and its Benefits

What is Cloud Telephony? Benefits of Cloud Phone System?

Communication is a crucial factor for any business or organization. Without good communication, a company can not function properly. Cloud-based Telephony service streamlines your business communications with powerful features like Voicemail, Multilevel IVR, Call recordings and mobile apps for agents.

IVR Service is the future of business communications. It eliminates hardware installation, costly call centre server software, inefficient landlines and allows you to scale the service as per your requirement.

In addition, Cloud Telephony removes the need for physical receptionists and server room maintenance, making it an exciting new option for small businesses that cannot afford the enormous capital expenditure.
In addition, the cloud phone system provides you with a professional phone number in your area code, allowing you to be part of the local community.

Cloud Telephony can help companies effectively incorporate voice communication benefits.

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is also known as Cloud Calling. Cloud communication providers build, operate and maintain standardized telephony platform offerings on their servers, with customers gaining remote access–via the internet–on a subscription or as-needed basis. IVR phone services enable users to place calls directly from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection and free businesses from the burden of buying the hardware.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony?

💰 Save money:-

Cloud Telephony services are designed to provide business owners with an inexpensive way of connecting to businesses, employees, and customers.
Customers can share voice messages & voicemail messages with the service. They can also use a company’s custom greeting and auto-receptionist message. With these features, cloud phone services can save money for a business by eliminating physical receptionists.

🔧 No Maintenance or hardware upgrades:-

Hosted IVR system reduces the cost of hardware, server room, and technician you need to maintain and manage the physical PRI phone service. In addition, you can use any device, i.e., web or mobile phone, with an internet connection to make or take your business calls!
Cloud Telephony service operates on a cloud platform that doesn’t require installing any physical hardware, nor does it cost money for additional maintenance fees or software upgrades.

📈 Scalability:-

As the business evolves, a need for multiple channels or agents usually arises. You can easily add or remove channels and agents with Hosted IVR system and have everything you need to complete your work.
You can start your Cloud telephony subscription with one Channel or agent, and you can scale as per your business requirement. It’s important to note that these types of phone systems allow you to track your phone usage, so you know exactly how much you’re spending on your service each month. In addition, you’ll only be paying for the features you need without any overage charges.

💻 Reliability:-

Research has shown that cloud telephony technology has advanced and evolved drastically, providing a reliable source of unified business communication. Cloud telephony services are highly reliable. For example, they offer redundancy by hosting the service in multiple data centres across the country. SaleSquard hosts the solution in CtrlS data centre in Hyderabad, Banglore and Mumbai. It has telephony connectivity with Airtel, Jio & Tata telephone networks in India that bring high-reliability factor.

Feature Rich:-

Cloud telephony is the future of communication and is taking over the way companies communicate. Hosted IVR systems are more efficient, cost-effective and offer powerful features such as multi-level IVR, call recording, voicemail, call queuing, office hours & holiday routing, SMS & Email and 25 other features. All these features can be accessed from anywhere with just a click of a button, no matter the device you’re on. So it’s time for businesses to ditch their old phone systems and take advantage of this technology.

If you are looking for Cloud Telephony for your business centre or cloud call centre, simply – write to us at sales [at] salesquared.io or give a call to +91-82639-12345.

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