Voice OTP Service: An SMS OTP Alternative

If you’re not using Voice OTP Service as part of your user/transaction verification process, you’re doing it all wrong. You can push your OTP delivery rate up to a whopping 95% if you use SMS OTP & Voice OTP in combination.

Almost all the banking and financial applications have already integrated Voice OTP Service to achieve higher delivery rates. They know that a failed transaction can cause damage 1000 times the cost of a Voice OTP.

As the OTP is being delivered over a GSM call, there are no dependencies. The user doesn’t need to have the internet to access the OTP. Whether it is a landline, smartphone or non-smartphone, the OTP’s will get delivered.

Look, SMS OTP is great, but it shouldn’t be your only form of user verification. Since we think Voice OTP verification is essential to your business, we’re going to break down what it is, how it works, and why it can save you money and win you verified leads when combined with SMS OTP.  

What exactly is Voice OTP Service, and how does it work?

Voice OTP Service plays a set of numbers over a GSM call to verify a transaction or a login session.

How Voice OTP Service works?

Voice OTP Verification happens through a GSM call to the user’s phone number. The user answers the phone to listen to the 6 digits OTP played over the phone call, then enters the OTP in the application interface to verify a transaction or a login.

Why you should be using Voice OTP verification?

  • Pushes OTP delivery rates up to 95%: A failed transaction or verification costs the business 1000 times the actual cost of an SMS. By using the Voice OTP and SMS OTP in combination businesses can increase their delivery rates to 95%.
  • Voice OTP at the cost of SMS OTP: When you are getting Voice OTP service at the cost of SMS OTP, it is a smart approach to implement both types of authentication systems.
  • A fallback approach: There are 20+ reasons for the delayed delivery of SMS. It happens! Voice OTP 2FA verification utilizes voice technology for phone verification, which is very quick and reliable. Providing alternative authentication methods in the verification process means more verified users.
  • Overcome DLT Issues: No business wants to fail user verifications. The new technology which was aimed to prevent spam messages is still in its inception stage and is posing delivery issues. Voice OTP’s doesn’t undergo the DLT Mechanism which results in 100% delivery.

How to add Voice OTP verification to your user verification process

We recommend using SaleSquared’s Voice OTP API’s, they are ready to use JSON API’s. It takes just less than 10 minutes to integrate with your application!

Write to their support team at helpdesk [at] salesquared.io for more information.

Bottom Line

Voice OTP verification is an alternative verification method that can be easily integrated into your current user verification process. It’s a cost-effective phone verification alternative to SMS OTP and when used properly, it can reduce the failure rate of phone number verification. It is not a stand-alone verification method. It works best when it is set as the primary verification method to increase the OTP delivery rate.

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